About Us

United Stars, Inc. and Subsidiaries manufactures a wide variety of precision engineered metal products including stainless steel welded tubing, industrial gears and shafts, electrical copper components, stainless steel and high-alloy castings for a broad-based mix of end markets and industrial applications, including the automotive, food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical/petro-chemical, transportation, electrical equipment, and power generation industries. United Stars is a best-in-class precision metal products manufacturer that maintains an excellent reputation with its customers, which consist of industry leading OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in diverse end markets.

Headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin, United Stars is a long-tenured, multi-generational, family-owned and operated company owned by Roger West, the Chairman and CEO of United Stars, son of Clarence West who founded the Company in 1936. From its inception, the Company established itself as a metal product manufacturer with high quality, customer-focused engineered solutions, superior quality products, and responsive production lead times. Through this value-added strategy, the Company has added key customer relationships and generated consistent organic growth. Since the mid-1990s, the Company has also grown through a series of complementary diversified acquisitions, which make up the wholly owned subsidiaries of United Stars.

United Stars maintains a consistent and disciplined acquisition strategy, which it has refined over the last thirty years. The management team is focused on acquiring metal product manufacturers that offer value-added solutions. Management seeks businesses that complement its main operations, further diversify its product offering and expand its customer base.